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About Us

Going beyond the STATED and unleashing the insights from subconscious mind...

​NeuroSinQ gets you subconscious insights and help you move beyond the rationalized responses. With the bouquet of SYSTEM 1 methodologies available, each project / study approach is customized to get the desired outcome.

Modern Architecture

Our Story

NeuroSinQ Solutions is a subsidiary and tech forward arm of InQognito Insights Private Limited - a full service Consumer Research multinational company. Over the years, as part of InQognito Insights, we have developed tools and solutions in Neuromarketing which help delve into the unstated by tapping into the INTUITIVE MIND and understanding responses & decisions with greater accuracy. As an independent company, NeuroSinQ aims to empower customers with a layer of subconscious insights and provide actionable insights that impact business and business decisions. 

Meet The Team


Akhil Hari Singh

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Chief Growth Officer 

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